I was the girl with 25 pairs of pants ranging from size 2 to a size 12. I was the girl who would start a workout regiment and then burnout after a few weeks. I was the girl who couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. All this was true until I started going to P2. After a few workouts, I felt changes in my body, and after a few weeks, I was hooked. I think what did it for me was that I didn't have to workout every day. With the intensity that P2 classes offer, I was able to workout only a few times a week and still see and feel noticeable changes in my body and my mind. Not only do P2 classes help me stay fit, but they also help me stay sane. As a teacher with a busy schedule, I look forward to P2 classes where I can push my body to the limits and push my worries out of my mind. I always say P2 workouts "hurt so good" because I always feel challenged, but never feel defeated. Now, it's been over a year since I became part of the P2 family, and I've maintained the same size 4 the whole time! I owe it all to "the system!"

Caitlin R.

P2 is the place to be! Working out with Andrea is truly the best experience. The variety of classes as well as motivating instructors inspires me to workout every week. I also love personal training with Andrea. I've trained with others before and haven't seen results. Andrea is dedicated to her clients to ensure their goals are met. I couldn't be happier with my choice to leave a bigger gym for this more personalized experience.

Melissa H.